More chilled beer, liquor to be sold in TASMAC due to summer & election

Chennai: Heat – both political and climatical- will ensure tipplers of Tamilnadu enjoying ‘happy hours’ at liquor shops, as highly placed sources said TASMAC is set to increase the sales of chilled beer in the coming days. And, what more? Fresh stocks of liquor varieties are also in the pipeline.

With the present political scenario (due to Lok Sabha elections) and the sun battling it out to know which is the hottest, TASMAC is apparently seeing an opportunity and trying to cash in on the situation.

According to sources, beer varieties in TASMAC outlets currently generate a revenue of about Rs 14 to 16 crore everyday. With the temperature soaring with every passing day, it is said tipplers are more inclined towards buying chilled beer, increasing the demand for the product. Following this, TASMAC officials said they are planning to increase the sales of beer in the outlets.

“At present, 15 boxes of beer are supplied to each outlet through which a revenue of about Rs 60,000 is generated everyday. Now, since the demand for beer is increasing, an additional 10 boxes will be sent to the shops. This will increase the income to nearly Rs 90,000 in every outlet and we are expecting that the sales of beer alone will increase from Rs 16 crore to Rs 20 crore everyday,” an official said.

Meanwhile, election campaign of political parties is also about to begin and it is said canvassing and alcohol go hand in hand. This is also expected to increase the sales of liquor in TASMAC outlets. “There are about 5,000 TASMAC outlets in the State through which a revenue of about Rs 90 crore is generated everyday and these numbers are expected to increase in the coming days. TASMAC setting targets is not something new as it is an usual affair during the festival seasons,” a source said.

It is also learnt that stocks will be filled at regular intervals and importance will be given to the ‘favourite brands’ of tipplers.

Balasubramani Muniyandi