PMK unveils manifesto, vows to protect State rights

Chennai: PMK founder Dr S Ramadoss today released his party’s 94-page manifesto for the 2019 general election which places special focus on ‘State autonomy’, ‘bringing back lost rights of Tamilnadu’ and ‘to make India strong’.

The manifesto was released by Ramadoss and received by a woman journalist in the presence of PMK president G K Mani and youth wing leader Anbumani Ramadoss.

Reading out the special points of the election manifesto, the senior Ramadoss said that the devolution of power is a 82-year-old dream that started before Indian independence.

“The Central government must share powers to the State government and act as a joint family leader. Only if we have autonomy, the powers in the Centre won’t interfere in our State’s rights and we can grow as well. Hence power sharing is a major announcement in the election manifesto,” he said.

Ramadoss said that PMK will take actions to release the seven persons accused in the murder of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. “It is one of the prime points in the manifesto,” he said.

On PMK’s star policy of abolition alcohol, Ramadoss said that it is still their priority and pointed out that PMK manifesto will demand a ‘bad tax’ of 100 per cent on alcohol and tobacco.

NT Bureau