BBQ Nation holds Moplah food festival across Chennai branches

Kerala is well-known for its authentic foods. If you are a traditional sea-food lover, then Barbeque Nation is where you should rush to. The restaurant will be holding ‘Moplah food festival’ across its centres in Chennai and Bangalore till 24 March.

The food outlet offers a range of delicacies from the Malabar region of northern Kerala. The motto of the fest is to bring out the traditional recipes with its flavours when Arab merchants frequented the northern coast of Kerala for spice trade, leaving their cultural and culinary impression in the region.

Some of these unique recipes and preparations are attributed to the Moplah community of the region, giving the festival its name and theme.

The starters kicked-off well like everytime. I am not more of a soup person. But, the coconut dominated chicken soup is just right for giving a kadak start to your big feast. The signature fish dishes like mutton alisa and meen pulichadhu are a must try. Especially, the meen pulichadhu that is served in traditional form in banana leaves. The aroma of the fish itself makes you drool for the food. Along with the taste, it is also cooked in the traditional method wrapped with banana leaves on tawa which retains the softness of the fish.

Moving to the mains, the Malabar chicken and mutton briyani are combined with chicken and crab masalas. Mamsum Varutharacha Curry is the highlight among them. Each and every spice added in the food can be tasted separately. If you are a spicy food lover, then this is a go-to dish for you.

For vegetarians there a variety of items available too. The special Kerala aviyal and paneer fries along with Mushroom dhum briyani will satisfy your tummy. Barbeque’s feast is not over without desserts. Apart from BBQ’s very own kulfi varieties, jamun, cakes and other delicacies, Elaneer Payasam and Adapradham finds special place. So, reserve some place in your tummy.

In order to offer their customers a feel of the Malabar region, the ambience at the restaurant has been set to hold Kalaripayattu weapons and the Daff, a percussion instrument used in Duffmuttu, an art form prevalent in the Malabar region of Kerala.

Other aspects include, a projection of Oppana, which is a popular form of social entertainment among the Moplah community, kathakali and bharatanatyam which are popular in the region. The Moplah food festival will be held until 24 March at all Barbeque Nation branches for lunch and dinner throughout the week.

P T Usha