Corporation renovates several parks and playgrounds in Chennai

The newly renovated park.

Being a sought after residential area, the neighbourhood is full of houses and commercial buildings. But, as a relief from all the chaos, Corporation has renovated seven parks and play fields in Velacheri, Chennai. Also, two gyms have been re-opened at 179 ward.

Shelling out lakhs of rupees, the Corporation, over the past few months, concentrated on giving the parks a new look for the benefit of residents. They have been provided with four LED lights each, and play equipment such as swings and see-saws.

The compound wall of a park located at Annai Indira Nagar has been re-built and painted. Other parks that have been renovated are located at Second Main Road, VGP Selva Nagar; First Main Road, Seshadripuram, and Ramagiri Nagar. The play grounds are at First Main Road, VGP Selva Nagar; VGP Selva Nagr Extension, Third Street, and Seethapathy Nagar.

The newly re-opened gym at Velacheri.

“We spent over Rs 30 lakh for this. Now 40 to 50 children come here daily to spend time playing with other kids,” a Corporation official said.

Apart from this, residents here are also excited about the two newly renovated gym centres that are operational at First Main Road, Seshadripuram, and Second Main Road, VGP Selva Nagar. “Owing to poor maintenance, both the gyms were shut down for a long period,” an official said.

Now that new facilities have been provided, the residents are using them well. They make sure that the premises of all these parks and gyms are cleaned regularly, said Kumararaja, vice-president of Annai Indira Nagar Residents’ Welfare Association.

Naomi N