Telangana CM kick-starts poll campaign, bats for federal front

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao kick started Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s (TRS) campaign yesterday in Karimnagar. Speaking to the gathering, he said, “If this country is to improve, it has to move forward on par with other countries at an international level with its head held high. Only if the Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are made to run away, alternative federal politics will come in this country. The writ of states should run.”

The TRS president said he would play a major role and start a national party, if necessary, to herald reforms and unite the country. Telangana should influence the nation’s politics he said. Rao flayed the ruling party at the Centre BJP and the Opposition Congress. He accused that India has not progressed the way it should have with the Congress and the BJP at the helm of affairs since Independence. He criticised the thorny relations between the government and the opposition. While Congress chief Rahul Gandhi alleges Prime Minister Narendra Modi is corrupt, Modi retorts by saying the Gandhis are out on bail, he said.

He pointed out that there was water shortage in the country and power plants were not being utilised properly. Reforms were needed in governance, judiciary and many more he stated.

He denied BJP president Amit Shah’s statement that the Centre has given plenty of funds to Telangana, saying that all central funds received were as per the Constitution. Telangana is among the six-seven states that make the country run, he said. Rao further mocked the BJP’s Hindutva agenda, and asked whether others outside the saffron party were not Hindus. “Are you only Hindu? Are we not Hindu… We are better Hindus than you. Nobody in India does as many ‘yagas‘ as I do. In fact, Modi (once) said Rao spends most of his time on ‘pujas‘. What is your (Modi) loss if we do ‘pujas‘. You come if you like, I will give you ‘prasadam‘,” he said.

NT Bureau