Raai Laxmi talks about #metoo movement and more in ‘NT’ exclusive

‘I want to be part of good stories. I don’t mind waiting till I get the right project’, says actress Rai Laxmi.

She awaits the release of her next Neeya 2 in which she is paired opposite Jai. Directed by Suresh, the movie also features Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Catherine Tresa in key roles. A sequel to yesteryear hit Neeya, it is about a snake that wants to take revenge.

Speaking to News Today, she says, ‘I appear in two different get-ups in the movie. There are a lot of suspense elements in the film’.
Excerpts from her interview:
Q: Tell us about Neeya 2?
A: Though it is a multi-starrer, there is enough scope for every artiste. It is a movie that revolves around a snake that wants to take revenge on few. Shooting for the movie was real fun. There are several interesting moments in the films for the audience to enjoy.
Q: Did you act with real snakes?
A: No. We created them through computer graphics. I was scared when I saw a real snake. I have already seen the original (Neeya) and hence I know what the movie would want from me.
Q: Why there is a big gap in Tamil industry?
A: It was not intentional. I am not keen on quantity. Quality matters the most. I don’t mind to wait till get the right project. When they approached me with the script of Neeya 2, I readily agreed.
Q: What is the secret of your fitness?
A: I am a fitness freak. I worked out and reduced 15 kilos. I always believe that there is a healthy mind in a healthy body.
Q: With elections around, were you approached by any political party to campaign for them?
A: Of course, I was approached by many. But I politely refused all the offers. My passion is to act in good movies.
Q: Who do you think is the best actress today?
A: We have wonderful talents today. The likes of Tapsee and Nayanthara do their work well.
Q: How do you see #MeToo movement?
A: It is a good beginning. Many women come out and speak boldly today. However, I am sad that a few are misusing the same.