90ML has given me an identity, says Tej Raj

90ML has given me an identity. People who see me on the streets recognise me instantly and ask for my autograph now,” says Tej Raj, whose moment of fame arrived after an intimate kissing scene with Oviya in the film went viral.
But what most people don’t know is that Tej Raj is none other than the son of veteran actor Charan Raj who is best remembered for his roles as Anwar in the Rajinikanth blockbuster Baasha and Shankar’s superhit directorial debut, Gentleman. Tej Raj says that it is his wish to shine in the industry without using his illustrious father’s name.
He says, “I’ve been interested in films from a young age. I learnt dance from Raghuram master and Sriram master. I learn stunts from fight choreographer Pandian. I practiced actng in Koothupatttarai, Balu Mahendra institute and Pondichery film school. It is only after doing all this that I go an oppurtunity to act in 90ML90ML has given me an identity.”

On his current projects, Tej said, “A lot of people are asking me to act as the villain in their film. I don’t mind if my role is a villain or a hero. But I want to create a good name for myself and have a long run in the cinema field like my father.”

NT Bureau