Chennai suburb in need of more trash bins

Vaishnavi Nagar in Thirumullaivoyal has been struggling with garbage-related woes due to the civic body removing bins from the locality.

The nagar in total has 11 streets and recently received many amenities including bus stop and police booth, due to the work of the residents welfare association present there.

However, a few months ago, authorities decided to remove 12 garbage bins present in the neighbourhood and instead decided to implement door-to-door collection system.

The system however, has made matters worse because residents started dumping garbage in the main road, said the association secretary P Thomas.

“Recently, the bins present here were taken off and residents disposed garbage when the conservancy worker came to their doorstep. However, the system failed and garbage has been mounting at the roadside ever since,” Thomas said.

“Many apartments came in the nagar and so the number of households have increased. Due to the indisciplined nature of many people, garbage overflows and it is not a good sight,” he said.

Ever since the matter got worse authorities have tried bringing back bins but due to increasing population, enough is never enough in the locality.

According to the officials, more than three tonnes garbage piles up in the nagar every day and is cleared once every three days. The door-to-door system is implemented everyday. However, conservancy workers stated that they have not received wages in a while and thus the piling of garbage in the area.

Thomas said, “I can only request residents not to throw waste at the side of the road and instead dispose things properly. One can see old furniture being dumped on the road too. People are educated nowadays and yet lack civic sense. I hope things change for the better.”

Praveen Kumar S