Parvathy hospital performs complicated surgery

Chennai: Parvathy Hospital, Chennai today claimed that they had successfully conducted a complicated multiple surgical treatment to a patient who sustained extensive crush injury to the left foot while working with a power drill machine.

The treatment and procedure was conducted by team of surgeons headed by plastic surgeon Dr V T S Arul Sivakumar, orthopedic surgeon Dr Dharmaraj to a 32-year-old patient.

A press release said, “The patient, K Suresh, from Tiruvannamalai had earlier sustained a grievous injury to his left foot and was admitted to a nearby hospital where the wound was cleaned and multiple wires were fixed. Later the patient developed a large area of skin muscle, both the upper side and lower side and patient went into septicemia. And the patient was advised for a surgical removal of his limb to save his life.”

When the patient approached Parvathy hospital, a team of doctors completely examined the patient and advised him for an immediate surgery to avoid risk of his limb from being removed, the release added.

Arul Sivakumar said, “After thorough examination of the patient, we immediately advised him and performed a surgery. Initially we resuscitated PT and executed technique of multiple wiring and the wounds were cleaned. Later he underwent a surgery wound debridement for medically removing his dead tissues. The unique technique of vacuum assisted wound closure, VAC application was performed to the patient on the same day to save his limb.”

The recovered patient said, “The previous hospital advised for an amputation for my injury. The extreme fear held me to look for a treatment that can save my leg. Parvathy Hospital gave a hope for reverse risk of amputation. The treatment was faster than expected with my wounds being fully healed.”

NT Bureau