Suspense, surprise & ‘Super Deluxe’: Samantha speaks exclusively to News Today

Super Deluxe is packed with lots of surprises. My role is very close to real life in the film, says actress Samantha Akkineni.

Directed by Thyagarajan Kumararajah, the movie stars Vijay Sethupathi, Samantha, Ramya Krishnan, Fahad Fazil among others.
Speaking to News Today, Samantha says, “I play Fahad Fazil’s wife. It is not a cliched heroine that you would see in Tamil cinema. It bridges the gap between real life character and cinematic liberty.”

Excerpts from her interview:

Q: Tell us about your role in Super Deluxe?
A: It is a role which was initially rejected by two actresses. I don’t know why they chose not to do the film. I was convinced with Kumaraaja’s narration. It is a ‘different’ role. I play a middle-class housewife called Vembu. What transpires between me, Fahad, Vijay Sethupathi and Ramya Krishnan make up the story. There will debates on my role once the movie hits the screens. I assure that there is plenty of suspense in my character.

Q: Will Samantha win an award for Super Deluxe?
A: I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for Super Deluxe. I don’t know who will win awards, but I am sure Kumaraja Thiyagarajah will walk away with all honours. It is his movie. He made just one film before – Aaranya Kandam. It is still the talk even after eight years and the director enjoys a cult status among film-buffs here.

Q: What are your forthcoming ventures?
A: Close on the heels of Super Deluxe, comes my Telugu venture Majili. I share screenspace with my husband Nag Chaitanya for the fourth time. And also this summer comes Oh Baby, a hilarious entertainer all through.

Q: On rumours that you wanted the story of the Telugu version of 96 to be tweaked?
A: When I was approached for 96 remake in Telugu, I agreed as I was convinced that an actress would rarely get a role like Jaanu in her career. I never made any demand. I met director Prem Kumar just twice so far.

Q: Do you have any plans to direct a movie?
A: Certainly not. I would rather venture to produce movies.

Q: Will you do a women-centric action film in future?
A: Of course yes! I would love to be part of a film like Captain Marvel where the heroine gets to do all stunts. I hope such movies will be made in India soon.

Q: You have completed a decade as an actress. What did you learn?
A: When I made my debut, I had no one to teach me about the industry. I lacked confidence and did things in a hush. Now I have gathered enough experience. I am super confident and there is an urge to give my best always.

Q: What is your dream role?
A: I want to be part of a sports-centric movie. I wish to play the role of an athlete, around whom the whole movie would revolve.

Q: Does success and failures affect you?
A: Certainly. But I will overcome it immediately.