Chennai’s Veeraraghavan Lake in dire need of attention

If you happen to pass by the Veeraraghavan Lake in Thiruneermalai Panchayat, Chennai, you will most probably mistake it to be a grassy plainland.

Such is the kind of hyacinth cover the waterbody is reeling under, thanks to the lack of attention from officials.

Speaking to News Today, Federation of Civic and Welfare Associations of Pallavaram, president, V Santhanam, said, “Veeraraghavan Lake is just another Cooum river in the making. Completely neglected by the Panchayat, sewage from all directions especially from MEPZ, Housing Board, New Colony and Lakshmipuram, are directly discharged.. This is an important resource which can boost groundwater reserves of nearby areas. But officials are least bothered about reclaiming it. It is sad that people are forced to buy water from nearby areas, although Chrompet has several lakes.”

While the lake has become a dump-yard for houses nearby, all storm-water drains emptying here are carrying wastes, he alleged.

“Residential encroachments also do the same. Chrompet is supposed to be completely covered with underground sewage scheme. However, the reality is different,” he added.

This aside, Santhaman also expressed his displeasure over stagnation in New Colony. “The SWD problem is in the 38th ward, New Colony 12th Cross Street. This is causing all kinds of health problems for residents. When underground drainage is already in place, why is a SWD stagnating? I request officials to do the needful as soon as possible,” he said.

This news report is based on the inputs of Santhanam, a resident of Pallavaram. He is our Neighbourhood Journalist of the Week.


S Ben Raja