Experts urge women to take care of their kidneys

Students of Padhmavani College participating in the awareness programme on kidney disease along with doctors from Manipal Hospitals, Salem, Friday.

Chennai: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects approximately 195 million women worldwide and it is currently the eighth leading cause of death in women, with close to 6 lakh deaths each year, according to

In a bid to raise awareness on kidney-related ailments and to emphasise the importance of early detection, Manipal Hospitals, Salem, conducted awareness session at Padhamavani College Friday. Around 400 students participated in the session.

“Majority of chronic kidney failure patients are diagnosed in the last stage as half the population consult a nephrologist only when the condition intensifies. It is important to undergo kidney screening regularly, because early detection and treatment can slow or prevent the progression of kidney disease. People must watch out for early symptoms of kidney failure like reduced urine, excessive fatigue, persistent nausea, fluid retention that leads to swelling. It is always better to be careful as kidney disease often has no symptoms, and it can go undetected until very advanced. For dialysis patients, kidney transplantation significantly improves quality of life and overall outcome,’ said Manipal Hospitals Salem nephrologist, Dr Ashok, in a press release.

Padhmavani College chairman Sathyamoorthy, Manipal Hospitals Salem unit head SGS Lakshmanan, gastroenterologist, Dr S Karthikeyan, and transplant coordinator Jayabal spoke on the occasion.

NT Bureau