Review: Agni Devi – Fire & ice

After being part of Rajinikanth’s Petta, Bobby Simha is back to play the lead in Agni Devi. He plays a honest police officer who sets out to investigate a series of murders. Directed by Jpr, the movie features Madhubala, Remya Nambeesan, Sathish, Bose Venkat among others in the cast.

The film begins with Agni Dev (Bobby Simha), a senior police officer being rushed to a hospital after brutally injured. A flashback reveals that Agni investigates the brutal murder of a TV reporter on a broad daylight, a portion being inspired by Swathi murder.

There is an higher officer who prevent Agni from investigating further. He comes to know that a powerful Minister (Madhubala of Roja fame) is behind all killings. She uses her influence to frame an innocent and close the case.

The director has touched up on everything including Swathi murder, demonetisation and more in the 100 minute film.
Bobby Simha’s role is dubbed by Daniel Balaji. His act as a cop who is after a powerful politician after gathering ample evidences against the latter for murdering a journalist is convincing.

Remya Nambeesan appears in a blink and miss role. Sathish has some scenes to do. Madhubala is loud and over the top. Credit her for coming out of her comfort zone to play a corrupt and greedy politician Shakunthala Devi. Livingston as Bobby’s father has done it well.

The movie is inspired by a Rajeshkumar work and Jpr has managed an engrossing first half, while things slipped a little towards the end.