Bharat Bharati honours Chennai woman

S Jaya, a resident of Burkit Road, was honoured by Bharat Bharati (Tamilnadu), an NGO, during the World Mother Tongue Day celebrations, held at Sri Agarwal Vidyalaya in Vepery, Chennai, recently.

A press release said, she is teaching over ten languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarathi, Sanskrit
besides English, in T Nagar.

Speaking to this paper, she said, “Right from childhood, I was passionate to know languages and started to learn them one by one. When I grew up, my family members insisted me to take up lucrative jobs. But I decided and took up the profession of teaching others. Now, the journey is over 15 years and several thousands of men, women and children have been trained by me.”

In addition to teaching, she also provides training sessions to others in the fields of fine arts, film and theatre, it is informed. About this, she said, “Many film personalities come to me to learn a specific language in the shortest possible time as they need to be ready for shooting. My focus is on both the North and South belt. It also helps that youngsters nowadays are keenly interested in learning these.”

On her future plans, Jaya stated, “In the coming days, I would like to start an institution to provide free training.”

She can be reached at 95519 41475.

NT Bureau