Chennaiites affected as S Rly cancels train services

Tambaram railway station

Though the city has seen several developments such as MRTS and Metro, the EMU trains run by railways act as the nerve connecting the suburban areas with the city. Lakhs and lakhs of people make use of these services on a daily basis.

Now, as a rude shock to commuters, Southern Railway has cancelled a few trains from Tambaram without prior announcement.

Officials sources said the trains will stay cancelled till 5 April owing to maintenance work. The change came into effect 21 March and passengers were stranded at night were not happy with the sudden announcement.

“I usually catch the last train at 11.59 pm to reach my home in Tambaram. But, today when I came around 11.55, I was told that the last train was cancelled. So, I had to book a cab in the late hour to go home,” said Ranjith, a commuter.

He said though maintenance is a necessity to ensure smooth operations of trains, it could have been done in the afternoon when fewer people make use of it.

According to a railway release, trains operated from Chennai Beach to Tambaram at 8.28 pm, 9.30 pm, 11.05 pm, 11.30 pm and 11.59 pm and trains from Tambaram to Chennai Egmore plying at 10.25 pm and 10.45 pm have been cancelled.

Similarly, Chengalpet to Chennai Beach train, running at 10.15 pm, will now be operated from Tambaram till Chennai Beach.

The 10.30 pm train operated between Tambaram and Chennai Beach will be halted at Chennai Park. The 11.10 pm train operated from Chengalpet till Chennai Beach will not proceed further than Chennai Egmore. According to the new schedule, the last train from Tambaram to Chennai Beach will be operated at 11 pm.

It is also said the trains operated at 8.15 pm, 8.40 pm, 11.20 pm and 11.59 pm from Chennai Beach to Tambaram will be cancelled. The trains operated from Tambaram till Chennai Beach at 10.30 pm and 11.30 pm will ply only till Chennai park.

Balasubramani Muniyandi