Drop the hose, give the mitt some work to save water

Another week and Chennai is fast turning into a dust bowl. Such is the rapid increase in temperatures that people in the city have to face.

Doctors usually advice people to take bath twice a day to avoid heat-related ailments. However, with no water available, that is hardly going to be the case.

With such problems hanging over the heads of residents, many would think that people will use water judiciously as if they will use a gold ornament. Nonetheless, people being people, that will not be the case. Or will it be?

Just the other day, while I was taking a stroll to give my unworken legs some work and found a person spraying water in very considerable amounts that is, over the car that she possesses.

She told me off when I questioned her and asked her why she would not use a bucket and a wash mitt to get the work done. After all, that saves a ton of water. Similarly, there are many who think chucking a truck load of water over a vehicle will solve the issue of cleaning. But all it does is waste water uselessly.

There are many ways of cleaning a vehicle and with such water crisis looming over our heads, it is quite advisable to save every litre of water for proper use. Firstly, people must put to rest the hose and the pressure washer and actually try using a bucket. You will be amazed how much a small bucket of water can be put to good use.

For sure, it is a bit more work, so is eating rather than drinking and I don’t see anybody skipping their meals, unless they want to become a ramp model that is. Using the bucket has advantages more than one might actually think. For instance, a two bucket method will ensure that little water is used and most importantly, that the paint of the car or the bike is preserved really well. A simple check online will bring in multiple videos of how to go about it in the right way.

There are other ways to clean a vehicle to and that is going water-less completely. Using methods and proper solvents, any amount of dirt can be removed safely and easily. If you argue that those products are not available here, think again because we do not live in the stone age and these products are available online. Also, check the nearby auto parts store for good measure.

In any case, washing a vehicle is important, but so is saving water. If you are wealthy and can afford to hire a driver, ask that person not to clean the car every day. It is only the humans that need bath everyday, not the car. Also, that weekly splash and dash at the car wash, can be avoided. It is the same car wash practice that makes many a car rust faster than it actually will if left untouched.

And one more thing, if at all you wash the car, use the dirty water without chemicals to water the plants. They have been around more than humans have and they will find a way to use the dirty water. Thanks in advance!

Praveen Kumar S