Officer’s Colony intersection problematic for pedestrians

The low median at Ambattur IE Main Road is misused by motorists.

Motorsists violate traffic rules blatantly at the Officer’s Colony intersection, on Ambattur Industrial Estate Main Road, due to the low median there, said residents.

The 60-feet Ambattur Industrial Estate Road is what connects the neighbourhood with places like Mugappair, Nolambur, Padi and Thirumangalam.

They said pedestrian safety is put to question as multiple rules are broken by bikers who jump to the wrong side of the road in a jiffy, breaking laws.

“The intersection is important as school students use it to cross to the other side. But their safety is now compromised because of the low median,” said Ganapathy, a resident.

“There is a fuel station nearby and not willing to travel a further 200 metres to take a u-turn to reach the outlet, motorists simply jump to the wrong side of the road. All of this is due to non-adherence to traffic laws,” he said and added that officials should erect a median at once to stop the menace before a mishap happens.

Further, Ambattur Industrial Estate Road is part of a network of roads that enables residents of Nolambur, Mogappair, Padi, Thirumangalam to reach Jawaharlal Nehru Main Road.

But mishaps have happened at the spot, mostly after sunset, due to motorists jumping lanes. “Many motorists get hurt as well, for a vehicle cannot come to a halt just like that and it is their fault for travelling on the wrong lane,” said Shankaranathan, a resident.

According to residents, the State Highways officials created a makeshift median in the road using discarded logs and concrete slabs, a few years ago. This ensured motorists followed rules, but only for a short while, they said.

“Bikers just pushed the logs aside and went ahead with their insane ways. Not even the cops could stop this. As a result of their sudden turns, accidents cannot be avoided even if one is cautious here,” said Shankaranathan.

Residents want authorities to take the issue up seriously and construct a median at the earliest before a life is lost due to
the negligence on their part and that of the motorists.

Praveen Kumar S