Stray dog menace reaches scary proportions at Chrompet in Chennai

Stray dogs roaming at AGS Colony, Hasthinapuram.

Chennai: Residents of Radha Nagar and Neelakandan Street in Chrompet are increasingly concerned about the stray dog menace in the area.

Even as they allege that the number of canines is on the rise, the authorities continue to maintain that they are doing all they can to keep the problem under control.

According to sources, “Those who use the narrow stretch close to Radha Nagar, are the ones mostly targeted by the dogs. The animals often keep chasing till the vehicles go out of their sight. This at times, results in motorists skidding and falling.”

“I am a regular commuter on this road. Whenever I pass by this lane, I am chased by at least four mongrels. They run along with the vehicle, making me lose my balance. I have reported the issue to the authorities twice. They assured me that they have caught the dogs and sterilised them. But till date, I continue to be harassed,” says Raguraman, a motorist.

Similarly, Gomathi, another resident of Radha Nagar, states, “I am working with an IT firm in Velacheri. I go to work early in the morning and come home late in the night. While returning, I am being chased by nearly five strays every day. I cannot run and escape all the time. What if I get bitten? I request the civic body to shift the animals elsewhere.”


NT Bureau