Streetlights at Chitlapakkam fail to function, residents worried

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Residents of Chitlapakkam are concerned about the lack of ilumination in the locality. It is said 50 per cent of street lights in U V Swaminathan Street is not working.

“I was walking with my kid and was frightened by the darkness at UV Swaminathan Salai. The officials should take necessary action to ensure that the streets are safe at night for us. Dogs and the fast moving motorcycles make things all the more worse,” said a resident.

Sunil Jayaraman, member of Chitlapakkam Rising said though Panchayat shows spending lakh of money to maintain the street lights, one cannot stop wondering why the streets are constantly dark making it unsafe, especially for women and kids.

“We hear 60 per cent of lights are broken. There are no angle brackets on posts to hold lights, reducing its life. Who will take responsibility when something bad happens?,” he asked.

NT Bureau