Unregulated parking at Nelson Manickam Road angers motorists

If you happen to pass through Nelson Manickam Road, it is a common sight to see autos, share autos and private cabs parked in the corner. This leads to traffic, especially in peak hours, between 8 to 11 am and in the evening after 4 pm.

According to sources, vehicles plying through this main road end up getting caught due to the slow movement of the autos. Sometimes even MTC buses find it difficult to navigate in this stretch. The road leads to a small subway, passing under the Nungambakkam Railway Station track. Even here, vehicles are caught in bottleneck traffic, it is said.

“Most of the share auto drivers park near the college’s entrance,” says a motorist, Kumar. “Automen keep waiting here till their vehicles get filled with enough number of passengers. Sometimes, they also park near the pavement that connects to Nungambakkam railway station. All these activities result in congestion,” he adds.

Another commuter pointed out that some auto drivers park near the ‘T’ Junction, the spot that connects Nelson Manickam Road to Tank Bund Road and Sterling Road. “This stretch is already bustling with moving vehicles. These autos add to the chaos,” he stated.

Similarly, pedestrians too find it difficult to cross the road, even as Traffic police officials are reported to be deployed only during extreme rush hours.

NT Bureau