2019 general elections: Dindigul Sreenivasan canvasses for ‘apple’

Minister Dindigul Sreenivasan

Chennai: Blame it on the heat or being overworked on the campaign. Ministers and leaders seeking votes are getting their wires crossed quite often these days.

Take the case of  Dindigul C Sreenivasan who is canvassing in his pocket borough for the 2019 general elections. He was seeking votes for the PMK candidate in Dindigul and got his symbol mixed.

Instead of seeking votes for the mango symbol of the PMK, he asked people to vote for the apple!

This led to the audience having a good laugh at the Minister.

Sreenivasan is famous for his gaffes and the darling of meme creators. Once at a party meeting in Natham, he alluded to the Union Budget of the Modi government and said the budget passed by Vajapayee was an outstanding one and was welcomed by Chief Minister Palaniswami.

So, his present gaffe is not out of character.

NT Bureau