Youngsters share affordable restaurant options on Instagram

Ann Prince and Abinaya Sundar

If you are a college student, you often reach a stage when you suffer cash crunch. Maybe you have very minimal ‘pocket money’. Yet you may have the desire to hang out with your friends to eat out at an affordable restaurants. Ann Prince and Abinaya Sundar, MBA students at a college in the city, will help you by offering their suggestions to dine at a restaurant that doesn’t take a large chunk off your wallet. The foodies use Instagram to share such food adventures they have together. The best part is that all their dining experience cost just under Rs 200. Through their Instagram profile, Two Broke Girls, the youngsters are slowly making waves especially among students.

Speaking to News Today, Abinaya says, ‘Once we found that we were foodies, we soon started going out together. We go for hotels that are affordable for everyone, especially for us.’ The youngsters use zomato and other apps to narrow down restaurants that has good offers, serve free appetizers or drinks and discounts on special days. They started making a note of such food hubs.

‘We soon realised that there must be several people like us who want such information,’ explains Abhinaya. ‘That’s when we decided to start an Instagram food blogging profile, Two broke girls.’ Their Instagram profile reads as youngsters ‘trying to master the art of affordable eating in Chennai’. She goes on to add, ‘Sometimes even when you order food online, the bill ends up reaching over Rs 300. That is expensive if you are a student.’

The duo explain how their normal food outing looks like. ‘Say if we are going to Sowcarpet,’ she narrates. ‘We google about the place and get necessary information.’ Soon they dine at a restaurant and only upload photos of the food they love. So why do they do this? ‘We just do it for fun,’ say the duo. ‘We never started it with an aim to gain followers but only to share details about budget friendly hotels across the neighbourhood.’ Follow them on

Mohammed Rayaan