Vaibhav plays a cop in Nitin Sathya’s film

Chennai: Actor Nitin Sathya, who turned producer with Jarugandi in 2018, is set to bankroll his second film, with Vaibhav Reddy and TV actor Vani Bhojan in the lead.

The cop-thriller will be directed by SG Charles, a former assistant of Mohan Raja. Actor Eswari Rao, who was seen as Rajinikanth’s wife in Kaala, will also be featured as a cop alongside Vaibhav in the film. Actors Poorna and Mime Gopi have important roles.

According to Nitin Sathya, “It is a crime-thriller with an unusual story. I was fascinated with the way Charles narrated the multidimensional point of view story in a non-linear fashion. While Vaibhav plays a tough cop named Vasanth in the investigation, Eswari Rao, who made heads turn playing Rajini sir’s pair in Kaala, will be seen as a female cop. Vani Bhojan’s role is crucial and she is a powerhouse performer.”

NT Bureau