Stop cutting down trees, say Porur residents

In a recent Facebook post by Tamilnadu weatherman, it was reported that Chennai areas like Porur, Poonamallee and other localities will experience more heat this year. He also pointed out that in these areas, the temperature might go up to 39-40 degree Celsius.

On this note, News Today had a conversation with locals, residential NGOs, and local vendors on how they are planning to beat the heat this Summer.


A vendor who sells ‘nungu’ (ice apple) in Mugalivakkam says, “Temperature rise cannot be neglected. It is going to get worse in the coming months. However, one can keep their body cool by consuming fruits that are rich in water content. Porur has a lot of vendors who sell ‘nungu,’ which is an apt fruit for summer. The sale of Ilaneer and sugarcane juice has also increased in the neighbourhood areas.”

A number of NGOs in the locality are now creating awareness among the residents on how to help animals from the ruthless weather condition.

Lakshmi Narayanan, an NGO volunteer in Porur, says, “Among the creatures, birds face the brunt of summer the most. The ponds and lakes that they depend on for consuming water have dried up in our area. So people should keep a bowl of water outside their houses every day. Although many residents here do this, awareness on this must be spread even more. Also, those who keep water bowls should make sure that the vessel is clean and that the water is changed at regular intervals.”

Remember, Porur was blessed with a number of tree-planting events earlier this year? But now the main responsibility of the people is to protect them from the scorching sun. A resident of Mangala Nagar says, “This year, we have planted a number of trees with the motto of making our area greener. Although the plants are already fenced, it is the people’s duty to see to that they are watered regularly and properly.”


Several residents claim that the decline in trees is because of the commercial hubs coming up in the area. “Porur used to be a calm place, filled with greenery. But now due to the vast commercial establishments, a large number of trees have been cut down. This is one of the major reasons why the locality is facing increase in temperature,” says Kannan, a long-time resident of Porur.

P T Usha