Hacks to consider to look cool this summer

With summer heat beginning to scorch the city, its time when men wish to look cool (despite the sweat that runs down our face). Here are some hacks to consider while sporting the clothes you wish to wear under the hot sun.

* Choose the right fabric
It’s important that your garments are made from fabrics that are specifically designed to combat the heat. These kinds of fabrics are should be lightweight – the fabric should not be very thick and hard to move in, breathable – these types of textiles allow air to pass through them for ventilation and moisture wicking – synthetic fabric that’s designed to pull moisture away from the skin.

Fabrics that are most common in the hot months are cotton – light and breathable (especially in woven shirts such as pique polos as well as inexpensive, linen – lightweight and breathable; doesn’t retain moisture (dries really quickly) and generally considered the coolest option and synthetic blends – think about the material that’s in active wear.

* Say no to bulky shorts
Avoid bulky shorts – shorts with this aesthetic are usually made with heavier fabric as they are for environments that require the clothes to be sturdy. Heavier fabrics equal more heat. No cargo shorts – they may have great use because of the storage capabilities but if you don’t need them don’t wear them. Cargo shorts can have as many eight pockets. When you have that many pockets you tend to put stuff in them. The more things you carry, the hotter you will be.

* Light up your denim
Denim is rugged/durable and thick. All of these are a ready-made recipe for trapping heat around your legs. Jeans are perfect for developing swamp crotch (the sweating and resulting odor from the heat that’s locked in near your boys). To alleviate this, insert lightweight trousers instead. They are more breathable and comfortable. The fine fabric allows for more movement. Now there are types of denim and denim blends that are touted to be worn in the summer but they do not compare to a pair of cotton or cotton blend trousers.

* Short sleeve shirts
Ideally, you would wear short sleeve shirts the whole hot season but that’s probably not practical. You may have a job where short sleeves may be out of uniform or you may have an event where they would be inappropriate. When these types of occasions come up, you want to have a shirt that performs and is stylish.

The best option is to wear a lightweight breathable dress shirt that is made for warm weather. Heavy fabric long sleeves mean: contained body heat, pit stains from sweat, extra wrinkling. The goal is to remain a man of style while keeping as cool as you possibly can. The shirt must be well fitting with and have excellent construction. These features must always be a priority.

NT Bureau