K L Rahul very respectful towards women: Preity Zinta

New Delhi: Kings XI Punjab co-owner and popular actor Preity Zinta yesterday heaped praise on India batsman KL Rahul. She said Rahul is very respectful towards women. It was sad to see him become a subject of criticism after his friend Hardik Pandya made sexist remarks on the chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’.

Both the players were given a provisional suspension for their controversial comments on the show, but it was liftedand they still face a BCCI inquiry conducted by Ombudsman DK Jain.

While Pandya was trolled more for his talk on women, Rahul too had admitted that he had started to doubt himself as a person after the incident.

Zinta had herself appeared on the how in the past. SPeaking about the controvery, she said that it was so good to see Rahul back in form and that he is a nice guy. “What happened is in the past. I just feel bad about the way the whole thing turned out but you live and learn.”

She stated that Rahul was respectful towards women and such instances were teachable moments. As someone who is used to handling fame and money after decades in Bollywood, Zinta said she does share her experiences with the youngsters in the Kings XI Punjab squad. “Yes, we do have those conversations, we have been there and done that. These are young guys and they will live and learn with time. Unless you make a mistake or falter, you will never learn,” she said.

According to a media report, Zinta said her all time favourite was Chris Gayle and that he was a true superstar in terms of how he comes across, how he plays and how he is with the youngsters. She said that Gayle was very humble and very much fun at the same time.

The actor has been quoted saying that her team broke even long time ago and the ultimate goal is to win a maiden IPL title.

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