GCC repaints speed-breakers that were taken care of by RWA

To meet the demand for safe roads, the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has been repairing tarmac that is not in the best shape and installing speed-breakers as well.

However, residents state that in some areas, such as Rajaji Nagar, speed breakers that were installed months before are yet to be painted to warn oncoming motorists.

Due to the negligence, minor accidents are common, reiterate residents, since the arterial lanes of Ram Nagar, Sadhasivam Nagar are not brightly lit to begin with.

To counter the issue, members of Madipakkam Noth East Residents Welfare Association (MANERWA) took an initiative on 23 March and painted the speed-breakers that are present on roads that lead to Rajaji Nagar. They even went on to paint the words ‘Ride slow’ and added directions for the next lane.

However, residents claim that three days later, the GCC workers visited the streets of Rajaji Nagar and repainted the speed-breakers, creating confusion as to why they would take such a measure after the residents were forced to take things in their own hands.

Speaking about the issue Anbalagan said, “On 23 March four members of MANERWA, Ramanujam and Nagaraj (joint secretaries), member Aruldas and myself went to every street of Rajaji Nagar with paint and a brush, painted the speed-breakers, and marked safety directions near them. We did this to let commuters taking the lane know the presence of speed breakers there.”

MANERWA members painting speed-breakers at Rajaji Nagar First Cross Street.

“We have been requesting the GCC officials for months to instal speed breakers and repaint the existing ones. All our pleas fell on deaf ears. Hence, we took the step. We did this to curb accidents in the neighbourhood.”

Surprisingly, Anbalagan says he is happy that officials painted the speed-breakers themselves, albeit a bit late. “But the action should have been taken earlier. I request the GCC workers to continue installing speed breakers at necessary places and paint them asap. From our side, We will continue the activity next week in the areas, where road safety needs to be improved,” he said.

Rajan, a motorist, told News Today that he now feels safe to traverse Rajaji Nagar Main Road, since he knows exactly where the speed-breakers are and where the intersection is. “Thanks to MANERWA’s efforts and GCC’s actions,” he said.

Balamurugan Selvaraj