Review: Uriyadi 2 – Simple & straight

Vijay Kumar in Uriyadi 2 Movie Release Posters

Come at the right time is Uriyadi 2. With just 10 days to go for Lok Sabha Polls in Tamilnadu, the movie is out to speak ‘serious’ politics. In a nutshell, the film is about chemical leak in a plant situated in a village that resulted in many deaths. How does a young man ensure that the victims get justice?

A sequel to Uriyadi made a couple of years ago, the movie is written, directed and enacted by Vijayakumar. Sudhakar and Vismaya play key roles.

Seemingly inspired by Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the movie revolves around a fun-loving youngster Lenin Vijay (Vijayakumar). A chemical plant in his village poses threat to the people living nearby. He gets employed in the company with his friends. Though Lenin alerts his superiors after a few mishaps happen in the factory. But no action is taken. Lenin tries to awaken the villagers of forthcoming danger. Even the leaders of political parties in his village are busy about elections. As Vijay thought, a leak happens and people die. The onus is on Vijay to fight for justice.

The razor sharp dialogues are the highlight of the movie. The selfish motives of corporate and politicians are well explained. If the first part was about youngsters entering politics and caste conflicts, the second part is more about preserving the environ from chemical disasters.

As his name in the movie suggests, he plays a youngster influenced by left ideologies. Convincing in his act, he gathers guts to speak the mind of youngsters today at many places. The first half is tad slow as he tries to establish characters.
Over all, it is a film that tries to be honest and wants to convey a string message.