Assn in Chennai helps students counter Math phobia

Maths has always been a common nemesis for students, across all ages. To create a change in this regard, Pie Mathematics Association located at South Gangai Amman Koil Second Street in Choolaimedu, has been helping many fight the Math phobia.

In a chat with News Today, founder and professor, R Sivaraman, shares the workings of his association. “We are a non-profit charitable trust started in 2007. Our aim is not just to dispel the fear of Maths, but also to provide scholarships for deserving students. We are not keen on preparing them for subject-centric exams like Olympiad. Instead, we want them to think mathematically and observe Maths around them,” he begins.

“India was once a leader in this field. We excelled in anything related to numbers. But now, the quality of education has started deteriorating,” he recalls. “Many don’t know how to rectify the issue. So instead of just discussing the problem, I decided to take a step,” he adds.

For Sivaraman who used to teach students at various government schools for free, starting an association was the next step.

So how do they pass on their knowledge?

“We teach through story-telling and model making. But the best way to remove the fear is to see it visually. Other subjects have the advantages of learning a concept that way, but for this, it is a bit difficult. Nevertheless, there are ways to understand through visual observation, logic and common sense,” he concludes.

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Mohammed Rayaan