Poorly-maintained canal irks residents

For the past several months, a stormwater canal in the neighbourhood, is causing nuisance for residents living at Bajanai Koil Street and Vanniyar Street.

Many revealed that persistent dumping of garbage into the canal has choked the section, with few alleging that despite consistent calls to the Municipal authorities, not much action has been taken.

Speaking to News Today regarding the issue, Velu, a resident living near the canal said, “The lane here is narrow, yet many motorists pass through the same, as it connects Bajanai Koil Street and Vanniyar Street,” and alleged that most people often dump garbage in plastic bags and ride away.

He further noted, “Also, the walls are quite low, and there are certain sections where these are broken. Several school students who pass through this lane, are at high risk of falling over.”

Another resident who did not wish to be named, said, “Recently, a bull dozer broke a small section of the wall in the end of the lane. The authorities are least bothered to clear the mess.”

He also pointed out the broken pieces of wall, the debris of which has fallen on the canal, effectively choking the waterbody. As a result, residents here demand for the construction of a higher fence.

“It will be safe not just for pedestrians who pass through this stretch, but will also prevent miscreants from dumping,” said Velu.┬áLocals also complained of the stench emanating from the place. “Whenever the garbage mound is high, the stink is unbearable,” rued a longtime local.

This news report is based on the inputs given by Velu, a resident near Vanniyar Street. He is our Neighbourhood Journalist of the Week.


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