Street vendors make hay with fresh fruits & juices

With temperatures soaring each passing day, residents are having a tough time beating the heat. Making the most of this weather, are the street hawkers across the neighbourhood, who have put up stalls to sell watermelons, coconuts and other fruit juices.

If you happen to pass through Nelson Manickam Road, Tank Bund Road or College Road, it is a common sight to see dozens of them on either side of the road, with their items, that tempt many a passerby.

News Today reached out to a few in this stretch.┬áKumaran, a fruit seller near Loyola College says, “This road is frequently commuted by many. Most of us here offer a glass of watermelon juice at Rs 25, which is a reasonable rate.”

About the prices of watermelons, he states, “They vary depending upon the size and weight of each. Some are priced at Rs 40, while the larger ones can go over Rs 200.”

He further notes that fresh and tasty watermelons come from Tindivanam. “They are a lot better than the ones sold at Koyambedu,” he adds. Kumaran also reveals that it is extremely tough to run the shop in the existing scenario.

“We charge minimal rates and have a lot of competition,” he says, pointing to the other six vendors on this road.
“I try to garner attention by carving the watermelon pieces in different shapes,” he says, nodding at an oval watermelon that has been cut into a creature with teeth. “This takes a lot of time,” he informs, stating, “You need patience or else you might hurt your fingers if you aren’t careful.”

There is also another common obstacle all of them face- rotten products. With the heat showing no signs of respite, fruits tend to lose their flavour or turn sour when kept in the open. “We can’t store all our goods in our homes,” reveals another seller, and adds, “We only hope that they don’t go bad the next day.”

Mohammed Rayaan