Ink your hand for better future, says Modi to first time voters

Chennai: Appealing to the first time voters, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Just like people devote their first salary for something pure and memorable, I urge you, devote your first vote for a high cause. Cast your first vote for a better future. Cast your first vote to strengthen the hands of all nationalists, so that the life of the hardworking farmer changes for the better.”

The Prime Minister, addressing an election rally in Coimbatore said the polls would be a contest between the ‘pro-people’ work of the BJP-led NDA and the ‘anti-people agenda’ of opposition.

“It is between the stable government of NDA and the unstable government of opposition so they can enjoy power,” Modi said. Modi said the polls were also a fight between NDA’s mission of serving the poor and the opposition’s design to ‘capture power’.

The Prime Minister underlined his government’s commitment to national security and accused the opposition of having no plans in the sphere. “Their attitude made India helpless in front of forces of terror for many years, when they were in power, innocent Indians had become targets of terrorists. Attacks happened in many cities, but the Congress did little,” he alleged.

Referring to the 1998 serial bomb blasts in the textile city, he said “your own city saw a deadly terror attack in February 1998” and slammed the manner in which the then DMK government headed by former Chief Minister M Karunanidhi handled it.

“Today India is different. Anyone who dares to attack India will get a strong response. We will pay back in same coin and with compound interest,” Modi asserted.

“Today, every Indian has become a chowkidar who is standing firm against forces of terror, misgovernance and corruption,” he said. He pointed out at the Centre sanctioning Defence Corridor covering the industrial region of Coimbatore, would not only enable the country attain self-sufficiency in defence manufacturing but also generate jobs for the locals.

The Prime Minister’s second rally in Tamilnadu after the Lok Sabha election schedule was announced, also saw the presence of alliance party leaders, including Chief Minister K Palaniswami and deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam. Tamilnadu goes to polls in the second phase 18 April.

NT Bureau