Singer Sneha from Chennai is a successful YouTube personality


Blessed with an astounding vocal and encouraging family, playback singer Sneha is currently a busy bee. This 23-year-old resident shares about her projects, ambition and many more to News Today.

“Music has been my passion since childhood. I have sung for short films, movies and albums. I am awaiting the release of a Kannada movie in which I have rendered my voice for a duet song,” she begins the conversation.

When asked about her journey so far, she says, “I began learning Carnatic music from the age of eight years. Though I sing all genres, Western music is what I love the most. My best moment was when I sang an album for SETNA – a federation of Tamil Sangam – in the US. I sang there last year also, and it was about the Indian-American relationship,” says the Viscom graduate, who quit her job to pursue her passion. After this, she started getting many offers, Sneha says.

How does she manage singing in other languages? “For the Kannada movie, although I do not know the language, I managed it through translation. Knowing major regional languages is important for a playback singer as it helps you get more involved with the song,” she points out.

Asked about the challenges she faces while doing an album song, Sneha says, “Albums usually are unplanned. I have even received calls just before an hour and asked to learn the lyrics and go for the take immediately. So, that’s quite challenging.”

Speaking about her future plans, she says, “Currently, I am focusing on Korean music and have done a number of song covers in this language on my YouTube channel. I have offers from directors from several YouTube channels. So, I will be busy singing for them in the near future.”

Sneha can be reached at 98847 44393.

P T Usha