Damaged electric poles are aplenty at Ambattur

The government has just started the long-standing work of laying underground electric lines to replace the age-old overhead cables. The move is welcome for it will reduce powercuts and add to safety as well.

Currently, authorities are laying high-tension underground cables on Chennai-Tiruvallur High Road (CTH) and Surapet Main Road. The work is being carried on by the local Tangedco division and currently is underway between Ambattur OT bus stand and Telephone Exchange.

“The high-tension cables (230kV) would bring frequent powercuts to an end in the neighbourhood. It has been a long time coming and hopefully it gets over soon,” said Manohar, a resident. While on one hand that work is all the more welcome, residents are quick to point out that the existing electric poles are in the worst possible condition at present.

“I live near Puzhal and it is all overhead cables here. We are afraid to send out children out fearing that the poles might fall down any moment, for they seem to be damaged beyond repair,” said Ravi, a resident.

“Many poles have vines over them, weakening the structure and the concrete withers for a slight touch. It is really bad,” he adds.

Malathi, another resident said, “We welcome the project to lay underground cables. At the same time, we need to face the reality. The project will take some time to get completed. It is only wise that authorities make sure they maintain electric poles that are already present. It is summer and the long mornings can be utilised well.”

Residents want officials to carry out necessary repair works on every pole that is dilapidated before a mishap happens that may even result in life loss.

Praveen Kumar S