Much needed repair works carried out at Thiruvengada Nagar park

Thiruvengada Nagar park is quite famous in the neighbourhood. The amenities present there attracted many a family to spend time together. However, the park went to ruins after the officials concerned failed to take care of it.

For months, the park had been neglected and with the Residents Welfare Association of the neighbourhood taking repeated measures, the civic body yielded. They have started fixing the damaged items at the place.

Suresh, who is the secretary of Thiruvengada Nagar Residents Welfare Association, said, “The slides, gym equipment, the see-saw, were all damaged. The RWA takes all measures to maintain cleanliness at the park. But that is all we can do. We were repeatedly asking authorities to take up necessary measures and with the arrival of the new AE for ward 81, things have started to change.”

The park was inaugurated in 2013 and has amenities including a merry-go-round, a plaza in the middle and a proper walkers track. Residents said the lights at the plaza went out months ago and that within six years of its inauguration, the park had been left uncared for. They said they even spoke with the contractor many times, but to no avail.

“It was when we told him that we will be reaching out to News Today, did he ask us one week’s time to get the work started and it has!,” they said.

According to officials, the work would take about a week to be completed. They have started patching up broken slides using fibreglass resin and welding work is also going on to make sure that the see-saw can be used safely.

“Even the gym equipment are being fixed now, which is very good indeed. We have been promised that the lights will be replaced as well. Hopefully, they keep up their word,” said Suresh.

According to residents, people from as far as Avadi and Pattabiram come to the park for it is a famous spot for families to hangout. Asked what they want, people had just one thing in mind – proper maintenance. “It is easy if regular maintenance is done. Once left untouched, like an old vehicle, gremlins will keep popping up all the time. So, authorities should pull up their socks and work,” they added.

Praveen Kumar S