Nadigar Sangam sends notice to Kasthuri for comment on MGR-Latha

Chennai: Actress Kasthuri could not have imagined that her tweet regarding Chennai Super Kings, the reigning champions in the Indian Premier League tournament, would land her in trouble.

The team’s seemingly casual approach to victory against rivals Kolkata Night Riders (KKR) on 9 April, meant Kasthuri tweeted, “CSK are doing romance with the ball more than MGR did with Latha in Pallandu Vaazhga.”

Actress Latha came out blazing against the comments and lashed out the actress, saying, “Kasthuri’s comment is very distasteful. I strongly condemn her words. Despite belonging to the same industry, it comes as a surprise that she is making such an unpleasant remark and that too on a legendary actor like MGR. I also saw many Facebook and blog pages of fans of the iconic actor/politician who are annoyed with Kasthuri’s comment and condemned her. I have been in the field for 45 years and have never heard anyone talk about me like this. It is better she controls her tongue.”

Likewise, several others have replied to Kasthuri’s tweet, condemning her for her action. Similar emotions were displayed in other social media sites.

Kasthuri, no sooner, posted another tweet, saying, “What’s wrong in MGR acting in sensuous romantic scenes with his heroines? And what’s wrong in me giving it as example? Where does indecency come here? I am one among innumerable fans of Vaathiyaar’s romantic songs and scenes. I have no intention of criticising him in any manner. I strongly object the allegations that I have degraded their god. It is incorrect just to hail MGR as a leader and god but to hide his histrionic history.”

Finally, she did tender an apology and said, “However, if my tweet had hurt anyone, I regret for the same.” Meanwhile, Nadigar Sangam has issued a notice to Kasthuri, seeking her explanation on the issue.

NT Bureau