2019 polls: Ahead of shutdown, liquor sales increase 3-fold

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Chennai: Liquor sales in the State hit new heights as Tamilnadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) outlets sold stock worth over Rs 500 crore in the past four days.

Sources state the sales hike was due to the fact that liquor shops will be closed for three days, effective from today, due to elections. Tipplers thronged the shops well before opening time, they added.

According to reports, collections at TASMAC touched Rs 215 crore on Monday alone. Shops that sell stock worth Rs 1 lakh on usual terms sold Rs 3 lakh yesterday.

Over the weekend, total sales generated around Rs 306 crore, with Sunday collections topping out at Rs 165 crore. On Saturday (13 April), revenue was Rs 141 crore, reports said. Before the weekend began however, on Friday, the outlets sold stock worth Rs 117 crore, in total leading to a three-fold hike in sales.

NT Bureau