Ashwin thanks HipHop Thamizha Aadhi

Ashwin started his career as a hero in Yaanum Theyavan. Unfortunately, it sank without a trace. However, his recent release Natpe Thunai in which he played the antagonist has won him recognition.

Son of music composer Jerome Pushparaj, Ashwin had quit his job in Singapore to pursue his dreams in films.

He said, “Though I am proficient in dance and I hit the gym regularly, I wanted to hone my acting skills and joined Koothu-u-pattarai. That landed me with HipHop Aadhi who felt I would suit the role of the opponent to him in the sports-based drama. My role will start off as a negative one but ends positively. And, there have been many calls praising my performance ever since the movie got released.”

Coming from a musically inclined family, Ashwin says he has produced several independent albums. “I love music and I am trying my hand at music composition as well. I am getting enough offers. I will make a formal announcement soon.”