Pechu Payilarangam instils senthamizh in the hearts of Gen Y & Z

What is Tamil New Year without a hint of Tamil, the language, being celebrated? Numerous scholars have worked hard to keep the language alive in the age of English-everything.

Thiru Vi Ka Pechu Payilarangam that operates at Thangal Lake Park has been striving to keep the language alive among the youngsters of today.

In this context, News Today met up with Geetha who is the organiser of the arangam that has been operating for the past 16 years at the park.

“The idea was to start a session at a public place in memory of Thiruvarur Viruttachala Kalyanasundaram or better known as Thiru Vi Ka, who strived hard to keep the language alive in the 19th and 20th centuries,” said Geetha.

The pechu payilarangam is free and happens every weekend, on Saturdays and Sundays, from 5 pm – 6.30 pm at the park. The important thing is that anyone can take part in it and speak for five minutes.

“We encourage people to come and take part in it. A time limit of five minutes is given to the speaker and they can talk about any topic apart from caste and politics, which we feel divide people,” she said.

“It is mostly to allow people to share their thoughts. We rarely speak to one another these days. People get immersed into their handheld devices. Our session will encourage people to interact with fellow humans,” added Geetha.

The weekend session mostly sees children take part, said the organiser. “We get around 25-30 children every week and we even maintain an attendance register to keep track of them,” she added.

Asked what the plans are for this Tamil New Year, Geetha said as with every year, celebrations would be kept simple. “We do not celebrate much. But we do share food, people distribute pens and pencils to students. Some might even give small gifts to them. But it is not compulsory. This time, Girija, who writes Thirukural at the board present at the park every day said she will give gifts to students in a jute bag,” she said.

“All that matters is that people speak things that provide value to society and help groom the next generation properly. That is our motto and that is why we are present,” ended Geetha.

For details about the session, contact 9444157621.

Praveen Kumar S