Two TASMAC shops located in Mylapore worry residents

Chennai: Residents of Mylapore are facing a tough time with two TASMAC shops operating in the locality.

The shop are located close to each other in Canal Bank Road and people complain that they are subjected to problem due to tripplers.

According to Ramani, who visits the neighbourhood often says, “During mornings and evenings the place is always crowded with men buying liquor. It is a very narrow road and the road is used by a lot of people using the railway station. With these men forming a crowd it becomes difficult for people to move,” he says.

Shankar, another resident points out that apart from buying the liquor the men sit on the other side of the road and indulge in drinking. “The road is already narrow and one side men occupies the space in front of the shop and on the other side they sit and drink, leaving only a little space for other people to go in the road. By drinking they also litter the place and leave paper cups and plastic bottles as it is,” he says.

The shops are located close to the street entrance and with many houses located inside the street, residents want the shop to be relocated.

“Either the shops must be relocated or atleast one shop must be closed here. Functioning of two shops next to each other is against the law. Due to the nuisance created by these men in inebriated condition, women living in the locality also feel unsafe to go past the shops,” says Shankar.

“With railway station nearby, a cop must at least be deployed here to control the men and stop them from drinking on the spot itself. The timings of the shop can also be changed so that during peak hours men crowding the shop can be avoided,” says Ramani.

Aaditya Anand M