Simple makeup mistakes to avoid when perfecting your elegance

We have read a lot about applying make-over, but little do we pay attention to the mistakes we do in the process. From using in excess to choosing the wrong shade of foundation, we have all been there and done that. Here is a listicle from News Today about the errors we commit.

Eye contour is one of the most sensitive place, however, women fail to moisturise the area before beginning the routine. When chosen the right cream, it nourishes the skin, removes blemishes that will hold the concealer and does not settle down in your wrinkles.

So what is the purpose of using a concealer? Without a doubt to correct your skin and not for glowing. When this is misunderstood, you end up choosing the shade that is lighter than your skin tone. The ideal choice would be the one that is half-tone lighter than your skin tone. Another point to make note is that it should go along with your dark cicles, too; if they are brown, go for beige or orange correctors.

Next comes the grave mistake of applying it in the wrong time. The thumb rule is that, concealer has to be used after your BB cream or liquid foundation. Wait for a few minutes to seep into the pores and apply concealer.

It adds extra bling when used it in the right way. It is primarily used to touch up the lower lashes and highlight the edges of your eyes. However, when used in excess, the beholder’s gaze shifts to the wrinkles around the eyes; even if they are small, mascara lets the cat out of the bag.

Give your mascara wand some work vertically, too. We have all learnt to use it horizontally to bring the magic. But when you go up-and-down, it goes to the roots of your lashes and gives a complete look.

The most annoying thing comes next. Yes, you guessed it right; it smudges when wet. Use a pointed Q-tip dipped in remover to rub it off. If your lashes are long, look down for a few seconds.

Every woman’s dream right from her childhood is to paint the town red by wearing a red lipstick. But only when we grow up, we realise that we have been wrong all through the years. If you have narrow lips, chuck the dark-toned sticks as they make it look even thinner. The trick is, draw over your lip line to get a complete look.

You ruin it all by using it over chapped lips. Hydrate it by drinking water in plenty or coat it with lipbalm to avoid the creases showing up. It becomes essential to exfoliate your lip apart from applying the balm. It gives a perfect, smooth and moisturises and lipstick just accentuates it further.

Bhavani Prabhakar