Polling booths at education institutions unite many

Hiphop Tamizh Aadhi

Chennai: The second phase of Lok Sabha election and by-polls which was held Thursday not only enabled people to elect their representatives but also gave them a chance to relish and relive their school memories.

Few voters were allotted centres in the school where they had studied leading to a nostalgic feeling. Many posted about how excited they were to vote from the school they studied.

A first time voter posted that, “I learnt a lot of things in this school and now I am back here to decide the fate of our country. Met a lot of school time friends here as well.”

Not just commoners even celebrities were happy to have cast their vote in the school in which they had studied.

Actor Hiphop Tamizh Aadhi had voted from the school where he had studied in Coimbatore and was very happy to do so. He posted a photo from the school premises and added that he had given a note to the school security Palanisamy and asked his juniors to get it and give it to the school PT sir.

Prakash Raj

Similarly actor Prakash Raj said he had the chance to vote from the same school and same class where he had studied 41 years ago.

“I got to VOTE in my school and in the very class room I sat 41 years ago, nostalgic, a new journey, a new horizon, feeling blessed by life,” he tweeted.

Balasubramani Muniyandi