Review: Vellai Pookal – Taut thriller

Who said Tamil cinema is all about Kodambakkam. A group of techies in Seattle in USA have come together to make a commercial thriller in Vellai Pookal.

What is surprising is that they have cast veteran comedian Vivek in the lead, playing a serious retired police officer.

The movie revolves around a retired police officer who goes to the US to spend few days with son. Unknowingly he gets involved with a kidnapping case. There are lots of twists and turns as the police officer tries to investigate the case in his own style. Major surprises await him during the interrogation.

Vivek as Rudhran has thrown a surprise. From his regular comical acts, he gets to do a serious role. There is plenty of scope for him to prove that he is a versatile actor.

Rudhran goes to America to live with his son Ajay (Dev). After years of indifference, he is there to bury their hatchet. But Ajay’s wife, Alice (Paige Henderson) who is an American and Rudhran doesn’t see eye-to-eye. Meanwhile, Rudhran is tired of life in America. He comes across Bharathidasan (Charlie) another retired person living with his daughter Ramya (Pooja Devariya).

All hell breaks loose when Ajay’s neighbour gets kidnapped by a mystery person. Now Rudhran steps in to solve the case.

He with the help of Bharathidasan begins investigation. He is in for more surprise and shock. Meanwhile, there is another story narrated of a father misusing his own daughter. A chilling climax awaits audience.

Three cheers to Young Vivek Elangovan. His writing is the key. He made sure that there are no loose ends. The pace at which this whodunit thriller progresses also adds to its strength. Vivek and Charlie have given their best.

‘Vellai Pookal’ is an engaging and thriller movie that would work out in part for its presentation.