Bus commuters at Oragadam lack basic amenities

Chennai: Bus commuters are a worried lot at Oragadam for they have been left to face summer without a shelter at the bus stop present at a spot which has hospitals and a famous theatre nearby.

“We have been forced to take shelter at nearby shops to escape the sun. It is not easy for senior citizens to brave the heat. Authorities must act fast and build the shelter there,” said Revathy, a commuter.

Situated at Ambattur-Redhills Road, the bus stop attracts a respectable number of commuters at any given time, state residents.

“The recent surge in the number of residents in the locality means commuters are also on the rise. Not everybody can afford to have their own vehicle. It is natural to expect the government to provide such basic amenities,” added Revathy.

Dharani, a student, said, “What baffles me is that before elections took place, new roads were laid on war-footing. If they can do that, surely, shelters can be placed too.”

“It is very kind of the shopkeepers to allow us to stand here. Not many would do that because their business would get affected. However, what if they are not cooperative and we are forced to stand under the sun? Hopefully authorities fix the shelter for our benefit,” said Ganapathy, a senior citizen.

Praveen Kumar S