Chennaiite designs GK calendars for children

Chennai: With the advent of mobile phones, wall calendars have become passé, but wait till you see children-friendly ‘GK calendars’ designed by Tansi Nagar resident Ramya Devi.

Having been a studious person in school, Ramya pursued B.E. in Electronics and later worked as a software engineer. However, post-marriage and after having two children (now aged 11 and 7), she gave up her profession.

“In 2014, I got the idea of creating theme-based calendars on general knowledge for children,” she says. When the idea took shape, she saw that it could benefit a larger audience. Things turned out the way she wanted, and now she runs an education-based business venture.

“I preferred to use calendars as my canvas to lay out general knowledge. When a calendar is displayed on the wall, it remains at the same spot through the year and keeps catching our eyes. And so it can be used as a good source of information.”

‘Each year, we come out with different themes, and they mainly target children above 8 years. I also have another category – ‘Kiddies calendar’ – for the smaller ones,” says Ramya. Each date column has an interesting fact; for example, the 2019 calendar focuses more on this year’s Elections and World Cup.

The topic changes every month: authors, human body facts, famous places, space, food, Indian States and languages, Olympics, water bodies, national and world leaders, Indian history (from 1498 to 2013) and so on. Also, every page has quizzes and activity boxes, she adds.

When asked how she puts together the topics and themes, Ramya says, “My husband Venkata Subramanian and children help me. I first ask my children all these questions, and if it works on them, I go with it. In fact, by the time the calendar is ready, they learn all of it.”

Maths being Ramya’s and her children’s favourite subject (which is not surprising), they have also come out with mathematical card games called ‘Mathvity’. Every year, by November, her calendars are ready and they sell out in no time. “Many feel it is a good and interesting birthday gift for children,” quips the geeky mother.

Ramya can be reached at 7299 043775.

Naomi N