Locals laud Chitlapakkam Panchayat’s efforts

Chennai: The Chitlapakkam Panchayat which usually receives flak from residents for not being pro-active, has been lauded this time for the swift work that it has carried out in the recent days.

Residents say that they are happy to the see the Panchayat working effectively.

“Garbage is being cleared promptly, lights are getting fixed and roads cleaned. Recently, we complained about four road side borewell motors that needed fixing. We thought our petition would go unheard as usual, but to our surprise, the problem was fixed. Not only did the the workers just fix the borewells that we complained about, but also set right two more of them,” said Sunil Jayaraman, a member of Chitlapakkam Rising.

He further thanked the Panchayat officials and field staff for making this happen. “Special appreciation has to be given to our volunteer and core member Bala Chandar, who was involved in complaining, following it up and getting it done,” the member added.

Meanwhile, Sunil also asked the public to be cooperative in keeping the neighbourhood clean.

“A corner adjacent to the Gangai Amma Kulam was filled with garbage. After several complaints, it was cleared by the Municipality.┬áBut just days after the cleaning, people have started littering that area again. It has become habitual for people to dispose trash in the road corners. To ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future, we are planning to clean the place, beautify, fence it and put some awareness boards. If people continue to litter the place again we are thinking of printing the persons picture on a 5*5 banner and erecting it on the spot,” Sunil added.

NT Bureau