Rahul regrets anti-Modi remarks in Rafale verdict

New Delhi: Responding to BJP leader Meenakshi Lekhi’s contempt case today, Rahul Gandhi admitted that he remarked against Modi on Rafale deal in the ‘heat of campaigning’.

He added that he regrets for the statement where he had misquoted that Supreme Court said “Chowkidar ne chori ke hai (Supreme Court said that Chowkidar is involved in a theft).”

The Congress president replied to the case filed on 12 April at the Supreme Court by the BJP leader for requesting for initiation of contempt for attributing his statement to the top court.

“Attributing to the Supreme Court for what it had never said in its order on the Rafale deal order of 10 April,” said Meenakshi Lekhi on Friday fighting Rahul over comments against Modi.

“All the statements that are coming in the public through media recording and publications, we have annexed all of that. Repeatedly an attempt has been made by Rahul Gandhi to replace to own words as court’s verdict. It this is not contempt, that too a criminal contempt of court, then what else will be. That is misquoting, misrepresenting the facts in public and making allegations and accusations about the Supreme Court order and it is for this reason the contempt has been filed today, which has been listed for Monday. I am grateful that the court has taken it up,” Lekhi added.

In the plea, Lekhi stated that Rahul included his personal opinions with the apex court’s ruling, thus, creating prejudice.

Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi heard the matter on 15 April and observed, “The views attributed to this court in the address made by Rahul Gandhi to the media and public has been incorrectly attributed to the court. Supreme Court at no occasion recorded any such views or made any such observations. What was decided by the court was legal admissibility of certain documents. We feel it proper to seek an explanation from Rahul Gandhi.”

NT Bureau