Kalyani Priyadarshan shares her secrets in Famously Filmfare talk show

I Hate You Girl Kalyani Priyadarshan will reveal a side she seldom shows publicly in MX Player’s celebrity talk show Famously Filmfare today.

The actor will share three things about her that nobody has ever heard before. Giving fans a sneak peek of what to expect, Kalyani said, “I have no sense or passion for fashion. Like, zero. I have no interest. I walk around my house and outside wearing pyjamas. That is my general sense of style. I don’t really like anything about fashion.”

“I read the newspaper from the backwards. When I take the newspaper, I flip it to the other side and then read it. It is just a weird habit that I had since I was a kid. It’s weird,” she added. To know more tune in to Famously Filmfare in MX Player.

NT Bureau