Officials take measures to beat the heat at Vandalur zoo

A chimpanzee with fruits

Chennai: Vandalur Arignar Anna Zoological Park officials are confident that the zoo will not face water shortage this summer as the 13 percolation ponds, open wells and the water conservation structures have ensured continuous supply of water for the coming months.

Speaking to News Today about the arrangements made for the summer, Zoo Deputy Director Sudha Ramen said apart from the routine special showers and sprinklers at the animal shelters, special arrangements have also been made for the visitors.

A tiger taking rest immersed in water

“The animals are given fruits which are frozen into ice cubes, and they seem to enjoy it. This will also help keep them hydrated. The birds and reptiles shelters are covered using gunny bags and water is sprinkled over them which will retain the chillness,” she said.

Sudha Ramen said green shade nets have been installed at several places for visitors.

A lioness holding on to meat

“Though a few visitors prefer to roam the zoo in battery cars, there are others who like to take a stroll. With the summer holidays, so many children too are making their way which is why we thought to give the temporary green cover and people seem to be happy about it,” she said.

She further said the measure to cover the pedestrian paths with green net was made as several trees that fell during the Vardah cyclone have not regrown fully.

“Hopefully, the trees start giving the natural green canopy from next year,” she added. Speaking about the other arrangements made for the visitors, Sudha Ramen said, “A few felt hesitant to drink water from the regular water tanks, hence a centralised RO unit has been setup and 10 drinking water points have been arranged.”

Balasubramani Muniyandi