Review: Avengers: Endgame – Marvellous show

I do not remember when was the last time an early morning special shows for a Hollywood movie ran houseful in most of the cinema halls it was screened.

Fans thronged theatres as early as 3.30 am to watch the Avengers-End Game which released today. Lot of hype surrounded the last part of the Avenger series.

The Marvel Universe franchise has retained the core elements such as humour, emotion, bravery and sacrifice, which makes Avengers one of the most popular Hollywood movies.

In the End Game there are moments where the fans screamed non-stop, laughed their heart out and were in complete stunned silence due to grief.

The first half might be a bit confusing to those who are watching the movie without knowing much about the prequels, due to the sudden introduction of a lot of characters (several first timers were seen asking so many questions to ‘Marvel fans’ even in the parking lot after the movie got over).

For those who have been following the series will cherish those little moments which is one of the biggest strengths of the movie. There is not much of action sequence in the first half, but it is compensated in the second half with one big war like sequence.

The first half was more of an emotional journey and deals with what happens after Thanos snaps his finger in the ‘Infinity War’. The second half is all about ‘Avenging’ and how the Avengers reconcile and prevent the ‘Thanos snapping’ from happening.

The death of a few core members of the Avengers brought tears rolling down the cheeks of the fans, however their death was justified which made it all the more emotional.

The visual effects which is one of the trademarks of the franchise is outstanding. With so many superheroes sharing screenspace, everyone had their moments. In one instance Captain America just uttering the words ‘Avengers Assemble’ made the theatre erupt in applause.

Balasubramani Muniyandi